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The Pence Group makes business recommendations based on a cost/benefit analysis in relationship to corporate capital. We offer strategic solutions - we identify and solve problems that are a drag on profitability.

The Pence Group

Long Lake Minnesota - January 18, 2013 - Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM) has retained The Pence Group and Managing Partner, John Earling, to lead development of a Minneapolis/ St. Paul Regional sales and consulting office. QSM ( is a worldwide leader in software project estimation and software lifecycle management serving a diverse blend of Fortune 500 clients.


We Fix Business Problems

From diagnosis to remedy

The Pence Group is a consortium of seasoned business executives — different disciplines, different perspectives — all with decades of deep, high level experience.

We increase our clients' business profitability by identifying underlying issues and implementing tactical solutions.

We're not an agency; not consultants, either. Rather, we're project-based partners. We work closely with you — from our offices or yours — as part of your team to solve specific issues.

Market locally...or globally

Is your business local or global? Or somewhere in between? With dedicated strategic partnerships and local presence, we're ready to help you plan and implement improvements to your business, whether you market locally...regionally...nationally...or globally.

We Identify Problems

  • Unacceptable profit levels
  • Falling sales
  • Cost overruns
  • Manufacturing inefficiencies
  • Losing market share
  • Lack of brand visibility
  • Encroachment of competition
  • Incorrect product and brand positioning

... And Create Solutions

  • Analysis and identification of core issues
  • Strategic and tactical problem solving
  • Marketing planning
  • Sales and profit analysis
  • Cost saving programs
  • Development of distribution systems
  • Business-to-business sales systems
  • Direct-to-consumer sales systems
  • Full creative support for full range of
    advertising materials
  • Manufacturing support
Feature 1
Increasing your bottom line
The Pence Group will increase the productivity and profitability of your business by infusing proven professional skills and fresh perspective.
Feature 1
Deep & diverse experience
Our partners come from backgrounds as polar opposite as finance and creative. Our diversity gives us breadth. Our individual decades of experience give us depth.
Feature 1
From diagnosis to remedy
We objectively identify problems within our clients' businesses, from manufacturing to marketing. We then develop and implement solutions.
Feature 1
Working from our offices or yours
Depending on the scope and term of the work we do with a client, we'll work remotely, from our offices, or onsite at theirs.
Feature 1
Single projects to long-term partnerships
We are a smart and timely alternative to costly permanent corporate staffing. We'll handle a single project or provide ongoing support as long as you need us.